Anoushka Riley is an Island girl who was born in the Dutch island of Curacao.  She went to university in Venezuela, Canada, and Oklahoma. It was in Oklahoma she met then married the love of her life, Curt.  They relocated to Kansas City with their two children to start their custom home building business. Anoushka works alongside her husband in their business doing the design work, which is one of her passions in life.  When Anoushka is not working or spending time with her family she finds herself getting lost in the lavish love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Mary Summers is a Midwestern girl with a special place in her heart for Colorado.   She is passionate about helping women overcome and rise above life's difficulties so they can authentically be who God created them to be.  Her vantage point is one of compassion and mercy. Mary adores spending time with her  family, ocean and mountain adventures, chasing sunsets, and anything outdoors because she is in total awe of God's beautiful creation. Her greatest loves in life are her two precious grand babies. 

Adrienne Tietz is originally from Wisconsin but has been living in Kansas City for the last thirteen years. She is a licensed clinical social worker and has a private counseling practice, Akivah Counseling. She loves simplicity: her passion and purpose is loving God and loving people. When Adrienne is not working she enjoys adventure, traveling, reading, and the outdoors.

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Karen Martin was born in Minnesota and raised in Las Vegas. She gave her life to Christ thirty-eight years ago through the Vineyard movement. In 1999, Karen felt the Lord speak to her about moving to Kansas City, but the door did not open until 2005, when she received a transfer with her job. She moved here without knowing anyone but confident that it was the hand of God. Her children followed her to Kansas City a few years later. Karen is very involved with inner healing and prayer ministry. She retired a little over a year ago and is finding this new season to be one filled with joy as God uses her in her giftings.  

Victoria Sandage, aka “Queen,” loves seeing women set free to discover their true worth and identity. She is passionate about connecting hearts and wants every woman to find “home” and belonging in God and community. When “Queen” isn't playing with her grands or making fun memories and significant moments with her adult kids, she is spending time with her community, sitting on her deck enjoying her birdies, swimming, or you can find her behind the lens of her camera capturing the beauty all around. 

Sissy Reese was born in Tennessee but spent most of her childhood in Kansas before moving to North Carolina to raise her family.  She came back to her Kansas Roots nine years ago.  Sissy works as a HRIS Manager for a family owned company located in Kansas City. She has two daughters and her greatest treasure, her grandson, Tyson. Sissy’s heart beats for serving the underprivileged and those who are unseen. When Sissy is not working or serving she enjoys drinking coffee, spending time with friends and reading.

Ingrid Maddock grew up in Missouri and Kansas and loves her midwestern roots.  She married the love of her life, Doug, twenty-eight years ago. She worked as an interior designer for decades until her life shifted and God tugged on her heart to start Sisters of the Crown. Ingrid heart beats tot see all women experience true freedom.  Her passion is to provide environments for women to experience Organic Jesus.