Re-Coronation Prayer

Dear Majestic King, Abba Father,


I lay my crown down before your Throne of Glory to worship you alone and to thank you for crowning me with Your Unfailing Love and Mercy on that special Coronation day. On this new significant day of re-coronation,


I pledge my allegiance to you my Beloved with my whole heart to abide in deep intimacy and to let your Holy Spirit fire ignite my heart again and transform me into your likeness.


I pledge my heart to you, King Jesus, so that you can wrap your Healing Love around me.


I pledge my thoughts for you to cleanse and to set me free from any mindset that is not aligned with your truth.


I pledge my all for you to Renew and Awaken my true identity as your Royal daughter, your beautiful warrior princess and Brave Beloved queen.


I pledge to you my eyes to turn my gaze to your beautiful face and for you to refresh my vision for my destiny.


I pledge to you to set my face like flint on you my one and only lover.


I pledge my soul to strip off and throw aside all my heavy burdens and to rest in your Faithful Love.


I pledge my entire being, spirit, soul, and body to complete oneness with my Heavenly Father, King Jesus, and Holy Spirit. (prayer & thanksgiving)


I thank you My Lord with all of my heart and I pray with confidence in your Holy name, Jesus, to receive a double portion of the fresh oil of Joy for my re-coronation.


And to let your Holy Spirit of Freedom anoint my new life of Victorious Transformation!


Yes and Amen.