You're Forgiven. Move On!

Abortion. When I see how this issue is handled in the Christian culture, I get angry! People are so quick to pass judgment and brand women with a scarlet letter. Yet this is so counter culture to message of the Cross. In preparing for this month, I kept seeing in my mind the image of Jesus getting angry in the temple and turning over the moneychangers’ tables. If Jesus were here in person today, I imagine He would be equally upset at the way the church treats women who have had an abortion.

I believe He would walk up to those with an agenda motivated by hate not love, and place a rock in their hand, telling them, “If you have no sin, cast your rock!” Our Precious Jesus, the Lamb of God, does not have a pecking order on sin. Sin is sin. Everyone makes poor choices and falls into sin. Everyone! But what I feel really grieves the heart of our Lord is watching those who think their sin is less offensive judging others for their mistakes.

Love is the answer no matter the question. Imagine if you made a decision to end the life of your child. No woman on earth is equipped to deal with this kind of emotional pain and grief! You not only lost your child, you lost yourself. But as soon as you turn to the Father and ask for forgiveness, He remembers it no more. That’s Love. God is eager to forgive you the moment you ask. Forgiving yourself and those who may have forced you to make the decision can be a more difficult journey. If we as a band of women will help change the conversation to love not hate (or judgment!), we can make great strides in helping women experience real healing.

I am for all women! As a sisterhood, we see all women as having incredible potential and a destiny custom-made by God Himself. We want all women to succeed in finding true healing and getting on the path to wholeness so they can live their lives fully engaged and alive.

Please listen to the I Am Forgiven audio in the Losses in the Womb audio series. It might help you see this issue with fresh eyes. It may help you open up a difficult conversation with a friend or family member who is dealing with so much more than you know. It may help you find healing if you have had an abortion. We must stand together, united, and fight for each of our fellow sisters to be free. All the forces of hell are coming against all women and the enemy is telling us we are in the center of the storm. We have to boldly stare him down and tell him WE are the storm and we have had enough! We are taking back what is rightfully ours and fighting for women to have the second chance they deserve.

Are you tired of living defeated? It’s time to get your fight on!



A Special Note:

For those of you who have walked in these shoes, my prayers are with you to find freedom and forgiveness. You deserve it! Let yourself off the hook. Your past has held you down far too long. It’s time to get free!


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