Wisdom is Pure Gold

Wisdom is pure gold. When God gives us His wisdom for a situation it immediately turns the impossible into the very possible! Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing!

Wise instruction is like a costly gem. It turns the impossible into success. Psalm 17:8 (Passion)

No one on earth can do what God can do. No one! Looking to people to do the impossible is not a blueprint for success. They will always fall short. But looking to God to make a way through the impossible always works. He is the great navigator. Forging through the impossible looks different when God does it. We think we know how things should happen but God has a divine plan and has the whole picture of our life in full view while we see only a little snapshot.

Look to God for those impossibilities in your life. Then ask Him to give you new lenses to see what He sees. Jesus looked at them and replied, “With people it is impossible, but not with God—God makes all things possible!” Mark 10:27 (Passion)




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