Transformed Mind

The Word of God has the absolute power to completely transform us mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It will never, ever return void. If God says something is yours, you can take it to the bank. If He says you walk in perfect health, then YOU DO! If He says you will not live in lack, then you won’t. If He says your mind is renewed, then it is.

What does it mean to renew our minds? You have to know that you know that the Word of God is true and infallible. You have to know in your mind and feel in your heart that what God says about you is absolutely true. You cannot question His truth by going back to your old mindset. When you authentically renew your mind your circumstances will change because His word has so much power it literally transforms your mind and alters your circumstances.

Renewing your mind starts with your thoughts. Thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become a lifestyle, and a lifestyle becomes a STRONGHOLD. When a negative thought comes, it is essential that you immediately take it captive. The more you take your thoughts captive in the moment, the more you build up the positive things in your life and obliterate the negative strongholds in your heart and mind.

The key to an authentically transformed mind is to get real and go back and deal with your old self. You have to go to the root. A transformed mind is not merely adopting new thought patterns; it is giving up your old way of thinking and acting. When your thinking is corrected, your spirit changes and the results are the negative thoughts and habits are erased.

We all grow up with certain strongholds that predispose us to react the way we do to certain circumstances. God will supernaturally deliver us from circumstances but it is our job to renew our minds and realign our identity so it is firmly planted in who we are in Him.




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