Masterpiece of You

Are you done trying to fit the mold? Are you worn out from living outside of your uniqueness? Do you find yourself striving to be more successful,, more runway ready, more this, or more that instead of living authentically as the person God created you to be?

You were not created to do what anyone else is doing. You must stay true to who you are and your natural talents!. Your physical make-up was not designed for you to achieve things that are outside of your gifting. I know I will never be a technological savant. We throw a party if I can turn on the TV! Information technology is not my natural gift and I respect that it will never be. On the other hand, God refines me to be everything inside of His original design for my life..

We live in a comparison culture. Stop comparing and take the pressure off yourself.. As you start focusing on what God has given you, you’ll feel the weight of discontentment lift..

This change of perspective is vital.

If you do what He created you to do, run your race as only you can, then you will be a GREAT SUCCESS. But if you allow the need to impress others to define your worth and value instead of allowing your identity to be shaped by WHO you are and WHOSE you are, you will fall short every time!. What other people think or say about you should have zero bearing on your life. Free yourself from that noose around your neck. Stop repeating emotional suicide!

Throw in the towel on the comparison game and look at your talents and abilities as a precious gift., The outcome will be the best version of yourself, It is time for you to live as the masterpiece God created you to be!