The Immanuel Prayer by Terri Sullivant

We are in the middle of a big change, a realigning in our societies around the globe. “Change is inevitable, progress is optional. You choose!”

Maybe you sense the winds of change are blowing. You're outgrowing something, or bored with something, or a season has changed but you don't know what's next. Maybe you feel pain or discomfort in this season. The truth is that we can always count on the fact that things will change! We may not have chosen these changes, but there's one thing we do have a choice about.

Even the hard things that happen in our lives (like the current world crisis) can be an opportunity for progress. Like a workout strengthens your body, adversity can strengthen your soul. These things can even direct you onto a new path.

I want to help give you tools to get yourself ready for your season of change. My husband, Michael, and I have found healing with the Immanuel Prayer. After a severe illness that left me on the couch for two years, Immanuel was a huge part of my recovery.  

I want the same for you!

Below are resources to help you through your journey. On the Sisters of the Crown podcast released today, Michael and I model how to do the Immanuel Prayer. I know this will be a great resource for you.

My prayer is that you will get past your pain and find Immanuel. He is waiting for you. His hands of healing are outstretched waiting to embrace you and gently guide you on your journey to wholeness.


Terri Sullivant

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Today's Podcast

Michael and Terri Sullivant guide you through the journey of the Immanuel Prayer.


The Immanuel Worksheet is a tool to help you with your Immanuel Journey.

Immanuel Worksheet

Immanuel journaling is designed to help you intimately interact with God, who is glad to be with you and wants to help you.

Immanuel Journaling




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