Glass Slipper

Cinderella.  Every girl over the age of two loves this story.  A handsome prince, a tiara and of course shoes!  We all want to be a princess, and we are!  We are the Lord’s Princess.  My friend and Spiritual Advisor for Sisters of the Crown, Terri Sullivant talks about being the Lord’s Princess in her book, The Divine Invitation: Entering the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive.”

She says, “The daughter of the king and queen is a princess, right? It’s her birthright, something she doesn’t have to work for. She’s born with it. She’s Royal. Likewise because we are daughters of the King of Kings, we also have a birthright as the Lord’s Princess. A princess doesn’t carry the weight or the responsibility of the kingdom. She simply enjoys the privileges of it and is invited to all the royal activities with other nobles in the King’s courts. She is expected to conduct herself with “noblesse oblige”, behaving in a manner worthy of nobility. But even when she doesn’t behave herself, she is still who she is by birthright.

Ladies, that’s who you are! By your birthright in the kingdom of God, when you were born again, you became the Lord’s Princess. Never mind if you didn’t know how to behave. You gain that status the minute you walked through the doorway of the kingdom of earth to the kingdom of heaven. Secure daughters move on into maturity without striving, without trying to earn or deserve. Being secure is a daughter of the One with the highest authority in the kingdom is a prerequisite for stepping out with authority in a graceful gracious way.”

Today I leave you with a final quote from Terri.

“That secure place of knowing who you are because of Whose you are is where GRACE abounds. When you stay in the place of grace, He will do far more for you because you trust Him.”




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