The Esther Anointing Made Personal

It is the awesome surrender to the adventure process with the Lord. From dealing with and seeing the healing purpose of the past and its trauma. Along the way of the adventure, many friends join in with support and assistance in the adventure. The process has preparation for each step, it has the challenge of finding and walking in true humility. It is the adventure of growing in humility and learning that humility is not being a doormat. There is tremendous power in humility.

Each of these things in the process is moving us to know, believe, and experience our true identity in Christ. As we continue in the adventure, we find ourselves in the wonderful destiny that was designed for us from our mother’s womb. This is the Esther anointing. We continue the adventure process each day by walking out our path with the Lord. All of these things bring us into the fullness of our destiny with the Lord. We are not just anointed at one specific moment but we are continually anointed for this incredible journey. May we each receive this anointing each day as we go deeper and deeper in our relationship with the Lord.

The main thing we take away from our partnership together is that God is working a deep work in our hearts. He is transforming us into the women He designed us to be. He is doing this by bringing us into healing from past hurts and trauma. He is doing this by touching us in the deepest places of our heart with His love. He is drawing us into the freedom and wholeness that He has for us. This transformation is an ongoing process. With each step we find a fresh anointing, we find the Esther anointing for the season that we are in. The more we surrender to the process the more of Him we get. The more we surrender the more healing, joy and peace we find in our hearts. With fellowship of other women we find a safe place to share and get support on the journey. We cannot do this journey alone. Esther had the entire Jewish community praying with her. She needed the support of others to fulfill her destiny. We need the support of community to reach the fullness of our destiny.


Karen Martin and Sissy Reese


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