The Birthing of Sisters of the Crown

 In January 2016, the Lord began speaking to my heart about crowning women to help them understand their authentic identity and worth in Christ. In all honesty, I was underwhelmed with the assignment. But God persisted in wooing my heart for seven months until I finally realized He was not going to let up until I said yes! The Sisters of the Crown began in late Fall of 2016.

The Lord gave me a blueprint of His desire for the Sisters of the Crown. He wanted simple “coronation” ceremonies. During the ceremony, each woman would take an oath to uphold her calling, we would speak a prayer and a blessing over her, and then crown her with a tiara. The Lord wanted to keep the process simple and transferable, always leaving room for Holy Spirit to move in any given setting.

The first coronation was held in early November 2016 in mid-Missouri and six ladies were on His guest list. In His perfected simplicity, God was yearning for these women to experience what it means to be His royal daughters. During that weekend, the Lord showed us how the simple act of placing an anointed crown on one’s head, changing her title, and giving full access for the Spirit to seal her value and worth could have such a profound impact. Each woman received fresh perspective and insight on her calling and destiny. Most of them were already walking in their calling in ministry. But God had more for them (as He does for you). He kissed them with a rejuvenating touch of His love and offered new, fresh vision. 

After this inaugural coronation, we crowned a handful of women in various ceremonies. As the calendar turned to 2018, the Lord lifted the veil, and turned up the heat. His glory was burning like a ring of fire with a fervency to make more women aware of His profound message of identity and worth. Many group coronations took place over the first few months of that year.

March 2018, the SOTC came to a halt while I took leave to focus on my ailing mother as she prepared to go home to be with Her beloved and receive her eternal crown. That was a season that began to change my heart and vision of what God was calling His women to experience on this earth: Bringing heaven down to earth so women would be marked by His lavish, royal love. 

On April 23, 2018, my mother made her turn towards heaven. As dusk turned into night, the presence of the Father was so strong I could feel heaven in her room. She was not responsive in the natural but she had one last thing she needed to do before she went home to be with Jesus. In the early morning hours my husband came in the room and asked me if I had ever crowned my mother. With a look of bewilderment I told him it never occurred to me. He said simply, do it now. 

I took an invisible crown and placed it upon her head and said a simple prayer as I welcomed her into the Sisters of the Crown. I had no more than spoken the words out of my mouth when I felt the overwhelming impact of her mentoring on my life. For decades, even when her health was failing, I was her pupil and she was on a mission to prepare me for such a time as this. As tears streamed down my cheeks, and with no words for the gratitude that overwhelmed my heart, I stood speechless steeped in the depth of awe and wonderment like I had never experienced before. 

As spring was in full bloom, the Sisters of the Crown gained new fresh vision for its purpose and plan on this planet. More coronations followed, with the sisterhood growing outside the local area and in different regions around the country. In August 2018, thirty women gathered in a rustic setting in northwest Missouri to experience authentic, organic Jesus. New vision was birthed.

The fall of 2018 the Crown was growing in number as the Lord busy behind the scenes forming the Sisters of the Crown Leadership Team. He appointed women to join me in interceding and translating what God is doing with His Crown daughters.

We continue to be ambassadors of the Crown to women of all ages, stages, and walks of life with His simple yet profound message: You are a Royal daughter of the Most High King and He wants you to know your value exceeds all the treasures on this earth. 


Ingrid Maddock

Founder, Sisters of the Crown