Thanking God In the Middle by Monica Rodriguez

Have you ever been in a season that just feels so hard? You get ahead a little bit, finally stop stressing, and then something else happens? I am sure I am not alone in this.

As a single momma, I am constantly saying I am “in transition,” because something is always changing. Sometimes it’s good, like a better paying job (praise God), a new church, or a new friendship. Other times it's not so good, like moving, a relationship ending, having to find a babysitter (again!), or just managing your own grief.

This season for me has been like that. I finally have figured out the commute to school and work, the custody schedule, the bills, and then something just comes falling into my life. Without warning. Splat! I am back scrambling to figure out what to do about a new schedule, higher bills, new school/daycare, or how to afford all the babysitters I currently need to keep my work schedule the same.

We are in a season of thankfulness and something the Lord has been teaching me recently is how to be thankful in the middle.

This is not what I had pictured for myself, friends. Currently, I am in the middle. Middle of the confusion. Middle of the winter. Middle of the chaos. Middle of the doubt. I am past the initial pain and shock of being a single mom. Don’t get me wrong - I am past that. But I still find myself in the middle. I believe God has promises for me and I have decided to thank Him for those promises in advance.

To declare it with my words. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue and so I want to use my words to bring life. I thank God for the promises I am believing Him for, and it changes the posture of my heart. I feel more thankful. I start to notice more things I can be thankful for. I start praising God in the storm of life and then the storm doesn’t feel so scary anymore. I start thanking Him for the small things and then I notice they are the big things. I thank him for things that will come, and I notice things changing.

There is still a lot that I am "advance thanking" God for, but I will stay here, in the middle, with a grateful heart.

What can you thank God for today? What is something you are thanking him for in your future?

Thankfulness and love,




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