Stories from the Crown - Karen Martin

Karen Martin's Royal Moment

When we gathered for the meeting, we were told about the procedure. When I heard about the crowning, I felt an even greater expectation of meeting with the Lord. As I was handed the box with my crown, I felt my heart come alive with excitement and wonder. As the leaders were praying, I continued to have emotions of feeling young, joyful, and loved. I held tightly to my box like it was the most valuable possession I have ever received. I felt the value of this gift that the Lord was giving me. I had a new understanding of the reality of who I am in Christ. I declared in my heart I will never let go of this truth, the truth of who I am in Christ. I knew I was coming into more revelation of what it means to be an heir with Christ.

Each woman was crowned and during this time, committed to the Lord with open declarations of surrender and obedience. The words we agreed to had great meaning to me as vows that once again told the Lord that I am His and His alone. This was a time of covenant with the Lord and was deeply personal for me, almost like renewal of wedding vows.

Then we moved into a personal time of prayer and worship. During this time, I had a deeply personal experience with the Lord. I often see my heart as a garden and the Lord coming into my garden, and during this time of prayer, that is exactly what happened. I saw things in the garden I was not excited for the Lord to see. These were things I thought were not beautiful or fit for the King. I looked again and saw that those things were more beautiful than anything else in my garden. They were more beautiful than words could express. I asked the Lord, "Why is my brokenness, sorrow, pain, and suffering so beautiful?" He said, "These are the things you have gone through that produce surrender, faithfulness, mercy, grace and loyalty. These things I value more than anything. All these things have made you completely Mine. I am turning these things into things of great beauty. These things have cost you so much and you have given yourself to Me in the midst of it all!" I don’t have words to share the depth of this truth or the importance of what this meant to me at this time in my life. It had been a season of disappointment, pain, sorrow, and suffering. To hear the Lord say those things to me was a great encouragement and revelation that nothing is wasted in this life. All things bring glory and are turned into something beautiful by the Lord if we stand and wait for Him.

My heart was truly changed by this encounter with the Lord. I have a deeper understanding of who I am in Christ. I have stepped into a new place of authority. It is a place that the Lord has prepared for me and has called me to walk in. We all have a special place the Lord has called us to. We are His royal daughters. I hope and pray that many other women have an opportunity to experience the transforming power of the Lord in the areas of knowing and understanding their identity. It is such a great honor to be a part of Sisters of the Crown.

May the Lord bless and keep you in His presence.

Karen Martin


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