Stories from the Crown: Justine Lettsome

Life with God is an interesting journey. There are always surprises. In June of 2017, I knew I was supposed to attend a conference in Pittsburgh. The college friend I usually stay with when I come to town was not able to provide lodging for my visit because she had gotten a dog that didn’t like people and she didn’t want to put me in harm's way. The cost of a hotel for five days was pricey so I asked her if she had any friends who could put me up. A friend of hers, Sheila, volunteered and welcomed me into her home. Who knew that God was building relationships and creating connections with that visit?

In January of 2018, my new friend, asked me to go to Kansas City with her. At first, I was only going to be in Kansas City Wednesday through Friday, but before I left work, I decided to take two extra days and stay until Sunday. I am glad I did! Three days before I was to take this trip, I fasted and prayed and thought of Esther asking the people to fast and that she herself fasted before going before the king. Also, prior to that I prayed that I would see myself the way God sees me.

Little did I know that Saturday God was setting me up for my royal ceremony!

On Saturday, February 3, 2018, I, along with twenty other women (including my friend, Sheila) were crowned. At my coronation, God revealed to me how we were part of His Royal Priesthood, Daughters of the King, HRH, entering into His Courts with praise. The fellowship with other sisters, time with God, sharing, praying, building up, and encouraging created a moment to remember.

I became a part of the Sisterhood of the Crown.

When I think I am just going through life, God reminds me that my steps are ordered by Him. God will definitely align us with everything we need to succeed. We don’t have to do it ourselves … but just say "yes." He will do the rest.




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