Stories from the Crown - Sherinah Sendi

Her Royal Highness, Crowned

Finding Jesus in 2013 was the best thing that ever happened in my life. Before that day, my life as a young single mom doing it all alone was sad, lonely, and hopeless. Jesus consumed me with His love, took me as His own, and faithfully blessed me with a lovely husband, Mike Sendi, with whom I am serving the Lord and reaching out to others in our community in Uganda.

I was crowned on March 7, 2020, by my mentor, Ingrid. It was a very incredible day for me that I can never forget. Whenever I remember it, I sit down and smile. It made me understand I am a daughter of the Most High, that I am loved and appreciated. I will never forget the day. This moment has increased my intimacy with Christ; I know that I am the redeemed and that I reign with Him. Following the Sisters of the Crown podcasts and reading the stories they post on their website and social media has sharpened my spiritual life and my commitment to serve Christ and the women within my sphere of influence in Uganda.

Jesus birthed a ministry to women in my heart. I want to see women winning in life. I prayed the Lord would connect me to mentors, and God connected me to Sisters of the Crown. I formed a friendship with a very lovely, loving woman of God, Mary, who through the Word, helped me discover who I am in Christ. I never had a person that truly appreciates what I do. Sisters of the Crown, you have done that for me. From the time I joined, I’ve been empowered daily by the podcasts. I now have a reason to strive for the best: I have sisters, women of knowledge, lovers of God, who are holding my hand. You have helped me a lot.

I really thank the Lord for the Sisters of the Crown Leaders. You have blessed our ministry. To God be the glory and may the Lord enlarge your territories!

God bless you.

HRH Nalule Sherinah Shamirah

Vessels Of Honor and HOLAM Ministries