Stories from the Crown - Nona Fazekas

On September 7, 2019, I made my way to the east side of Windsor.  Windsor, Ontario, Canada is where I live and where I was born and raised. I was headed to meet some women from the States that were crowning some of us women in Windsor. I was invited to this event by my Spiritual Auntie, who I love and love to be around, so when she gave the invite, I gladly accepted. I knew little about the women from Sisters of the Crown and I knew little about what God was about to do in my life that particular day.

I left my home that morning and got on bus number one and headed to bus number two. As I sat at the bus stop and waited for the next bus to arrive, I looked up and saw a license plate. What the license plate said and what I saw were two different things. I saw the word “emancipation.” I quickly got out my phone and googled the word emancipation and this is the definition: “the fact or process of being set free from legal, social or political restrictions, liberation” and “the freeing of someone from slavery.” That was what God was speaking to me. The bus came and I travelled to my next spot to catch the third and final bus that would bring me to meet the wonderful women of Sisters of the Crown.

As the Lord brought us together, the women shared about how the Lord picked the crown He was giving us women that day. The crown was embellished with pearls. “Wow,” I thought, and the Lord reminded of many years ago when I first began my relationship with Him and I was taking a computer class. I was sitting in the computer class and was looking down and all of a sudden, a pearl fell onto my desk. I honestly thought that pearl was from God and that it fell from heaven. I went home with my pearl and went about my day. Later, I realized the pearl had fallen from a hair barrette I was wearing. Yeah, it's kind of funny, but I knew regardless of how the pearl came it was from the Lord.  Just like God gave me that pearl, I knew in my heart God was giving me this crown full of pearls.

When the two women the Lord chose to pray and prophesy over me placed the beautiful pearly crown on my head, I was forever changed. As powerful and symbolic as that moment was, the real changes began to rapidly happen after. God began to change the way I had been seeing myself and I began to see myself as beautiful and I began to see myself as His. Since that day, nothing has been the same for me. He has changed me and changed everything around me. God has made all things new. There are days when I look at my crown as it sits on my dresser and go back to the day of my coronation. There are days when I not only look at my crown but I pick it up and put it on my head and walk around my apartment.

Sometimes I put my crown on and lay in my bed and sip my coffee. It makes me smile and giggle at how God sees me as royalty, as His masterpiece.

I am so grateful to my Sisters from Kansas that travelled so far and brought me not only a beautiful crown but shared with me God’s love that day. I am so grateful for what the Lord did for me that day. I am also grateful for the Lord setting me free and giving me my very own day of Emancipation.

HRH Nona Fazekas


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