Stories from the Crown - Sissy Reese

I grew up unchurched. My parents, not really knowing what it is like to be loved, did the best they could. Unfortunately, this caused an inner narrative of not being good enough. As a result, I made choices that validated this feeling in me.

When the crown was placed upon my head, my identity in Christ was sealed, never to be taken away from me. I was forever changed from that moment on. It has been several years since that ceremony took place. As I reflect back, I can’t believe how much my life has changed. That one simple act shifted the trajectory of my life. Fear no longer has a place. Because I know who I am and Whose I am, I can live my life without having to worry about what others will think of me. I can live with a boldness that I did not have before. I can pursue dreams that were once a thought, with no worry of failure. I am not defined by the world’s standards. Only God can define me because He created me and I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I get to be the “me” that I always wanted/was intended to be. I no longer have to conform to the world. I can be set apart.

Being crowned opened me up to a deeper intimacy with the Lord where He is beckoning me to come away and rest in Him, in His love. It is in that place where transformation takes place.

It doesn’t happen overnight; it is a process, but one that promises results.

Blessings,HRH Sissy Reese