Stories from the Crown - Evie Kowalewski

I was invited to the coronation following a few stressful weeks at work, so the opportunity to soak while also spending time with two of my best friends was exciting. I remember arriving and immediately feeling peace.

I was given something to read about cocooning, which I still have. It says that “cocooning is to envelop or surround in a protective or comforting way or to retreat from the stressful conditions of public life into the cozy private life of family,” and that is exactly what that experience was for me. It was a retreat with friends, but also a really precious time of prayer and journaling and quiet reflection with the Lord.

The busyness of life for me sometimes creates a sort of false sense of purpose, I am busy, but at the end of the week, what have I truly accomplished? And in the midst of my doing, am I even open to Holy interruptions? Too often, I am not. So this time of “awayness” with the Lord was an important reminder that “cocooning” should be a way of life, a way to stay connected to the heart of the Lord. This time of quiet and reflection preceded the very precious coronation ceremony. I left the ceremony feeling very, very loved and very much a part of something bigger. This is why I love the sisterhood, where we can encourage each other in the fact that we are crowned daughters about our Father’s business, and that it isn't about being perfect or earning anything. It is about resting in and declaring His grace and goodness and redeeming love!

HRH Evie Kowalewski