Stories from the Crown - Ahvy Whiteside

I Am His Daughter

I’ve always known that I’m a child of God and that He loves me. I believed that but never comprehended the depth and the meaning. Over the last five years, I have probed and probed into just how much He loves me. This has taken me to a deeper level of the knowledge of who I am to Him, and the profound love He has for me every day, no matter what. It’s not just that He loves me, but I belong to Him—I am his daughter! I am his princess and He really does find satisfaction in me! He has given me sister princesses in whom I delight and we support each other.

The Coronation I attended was priceless. I linked arms with the woman next to me and joined in the celebration of her, praying over her as she was crowned. Having my very own tiara placed upon my head with prayers meant for me by my sisters has presented a lasting, daily realization that I am a daughter of the King.




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