Soul List

For the last month I've been going through a season of insomnia that I have not experienced since my senior year of university. The month before graduation I was wandering in a sea of indecision. Opportunities for employment after graduation had surfaced but nothing was igniting my spirit.

One night I distinctly remember gazing at a lamp post outside my window. I had the idea to write a “life list” figuring if I had goals, it would help me find direction. Looking back, my list was a "soul list" manufactured from a soulish place and birthed out of wanting to control my future. I felt disillusioned. And because I did not consult the Lord when I came up with the list, it was worthless.

The interesting thing about the list is that subconsciously it has had control over my life since I was 20! Nothing on my "soul list" was ever fulfilled. Nothing came to pass!

The enemy knew my calling when I was sitting in my apartment making my crazy "soul list" and used the list to keep me partially blinded. In my quest over the last couple of months to move the mountain in my life, the "soul list" has resurfaced. I had to ask the Lord to forgive me for putting my soul ahead of my spirit at age 20 and allowing myself to be blindsided by the enemy. I've acknowledged I was never intended to fulfill my "soul list" because it was not part of God's plan. I've cut the soul ties the list has carried in my life so my spirit can authentically soar and move deeper into the places God has commissioned me to dwell. It is one giant act of extravagant faith to move this mountain in my life and find deep freedom in who I was created to be as a Daughter of the King.

God gives us boundaries with space in between those boundaries to cultivate an authentic relationship with Him. It is in relationship that He reveals His plans and purposes to us. Is your heart postured towards Him and are you ready for whatever answer He gives you concerning your life as long as it is His will? Really ready? Heart ready? When was the last time you just sat with God. Just you and God in complete quiet spending time together? No noise, no phone, no journals, nothing!

Do you have a deep knowing in your spirit that the path you are on is the wrong course? Maybe your occupation, lifestyle, or relationships (with others and God) are not aligned with your destiny? Maybe you have "analysis paralysis" and you have over analyzed everything and kept yourself frozen from doing what God has intended you to do. What have you allowed the enemy to tell you to disqualify you from the very thing God is calling you to do?

Have you been so caught up in finding significance in performing that you have put intimacy on the back burner? Is your heart postured in such a way that you love the Father more than anything you want? Have you found soul healing so you can be free to soar? Has self-protection become a form of self-idolatry keeping the walls of your heart up and keeping others and Jesus at bay?

Have you forgiven God for things that have not happened according to your time table? Without forgiveness, your destiny will remain locked! This is all part of the testing of our faith and moving higher in Him. Destiny requires work and perseverance and yes, pain! If it were easy, everyone would be walking in their destiny!

Maybe you can relate? Do you have your own "soul list" that has subconsciously left you stuck or contending for things God does not have planned for your life? If this resonates with you, then make this declaration:

"It is time for me to have an awakening with the Father. It is time for me to see the 'truth' and the 'saboteurs' and become unencumbered by those things that are not in line with God's plan. I declare that I will rise above and have the strength to make tough decisions and fight for what is MINE by birthright. I declare that I will win MY battle and give the enemy a one-two punch that will leave him seeing stars!"

Lovelies, you were made for a life that is full of unending joy and deep fulfillment! I hope you are truly able to metabolize the essence of that fact! As Daughters of the King, we were created for Kingdom living. To live any other way is beneath us.

Carpe diem!



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