So Long Shame!

Shame is one of the enemy’s greatest weapons to keep the Lord’s women in the dark. The deep root system shame cultivates in our life can cause utter devastation for years and even decades. Shame can come from an undercurrent of fear or jealously and its by-product can create a level of self-loathing that leaves us paralyzed in our own lives. It’s an exhausting way to live. Shame is not you! Let's take a moment to break off the cycle of shame in your lives.

Dear Father,

I desire to break free from the cycle of shame and the strongholds that are keeping me trapped. I invite You to begin transforming my thought patterns and help me recognize, reject, and replace thoughts that have no place in my life. I am naming my shame and laying it at your feet. I break off the hold of shame and the pull of strongholds in my life.

I boldly declare Jesus you took my shame upon Yourself when You died on the Cross. I want to worship You with my whole heart. I want to give myself completely to You, holding nothing back. In the Name of Jesus, I have closed the door to the powers of darkness, to fear, rejection, chaos, control, confusion and strife. Reveal to me, Lord Jesus, any lie that is encoded in my cellular memories and has formed wrong beliefs, negative feelings and destructive patterns.

Thank You, Jesus, that Your Blood removes all of my guilt and shame. And the enemy’s accusations have now been silenced. I renounce and put off the deceptive veil and cloak of shame. I declare today that I am free from the cycle of shame and the enemy’s lies. I command shame and everything that has partnered with shame to leave. Holy Spirit, help me to reject any thought that is different from what You think of me. Give me a love for the Bible and empower me to live my life pleasing to You.

Thank You, Father, that I don’t have to earn Your love and acceptance. Fill me to overflowing with Your love and joy. I declare this in Jesus' Name.

Your shame is gone!



Podcast This Week: Shame is not Me!

Evie Kowalewski opens up about the journey that brought her personal battle with shame and self-loathing to light and how she experienced a Moment with God. Evie explains how God brought healing and restoration to her woundedness. Let Evie’s victory over shame encourage you to pull the root of shame out of your own life.

The link to listen: ShaME is not me!

Stores from the Crown: Evie Kowalewski's

The busyness of life for me sometimes creates a sort of false sense of purpose, I am busy, but at the end of the week, what have I truly accomplished? And in the midst of my doing, am I even open to Holy interruptions? Too often, I am not. So this time of “awayness” with the Lord was an important reminder that “cocooning” should be a way of life, a way to stay connected to the heart of the Lord. This time of quiet and reflection preceded the very precious coronation ceremony. I left the ceremony feeling very, very loved and very much a part of something bigger. This is why I love the sisterhood, where we can encourage each other in the fact that we are crowned daughters about our Father’s business, and that it isn't about being perfect or earning anything. It is about resting in and declaring His grace and goodness and redeeming love! 

Read Evie's story.





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