Self Comparison

Self-comparison has plagued women since the garden. It's comparing your present self with the self you were hoping to be—or with others. It affects countless women and yet goes virtually undetected. But there is a cure—an inoculation! 

The inoculation provides high doses of Holy Spirit-directed realignment. Once injected and received, there is a transition that occurs. A transition to a place where you receive a new set of lenses that allows you to view things the way they really are and not how you think they need to be. The wonderful effect of this inoculation is the ability to live and function in grace, giving yourself full permission—almost as a mandate—to rest and administer self-care.

Once inoculated, the need to compare yourself to others or some unrealized version of yourself will begin to lessen significantly because you are becoming more aware as a royal daughter in your Father’s court. Each day you are becoming more of who He created you to be. Check out today’s podcast with Evie Kowalewski as she talks about the thief of self-comparison.