Seasons Change

I have been reflecting lately on spiritual season and how they relate to natural seasons. Summer is by far my favorite season I absolutely love everything about it, flip flops and tank tops, the smell of sunscreen and lazy pool days. I have a really hard time saying goodbye to summer knowing that cold days are just around the corner.

When I compare it to the spiritual season I’m in its very similar in that I also love it so much and it’s my natural desire to linger here a bit longer. It’s been a safe season, a beautiful season of resting and soaking in the presence of my Heavenly Father and experiencing a pure sweet heart to heart connection. It’s also been a season of growth...finding confidence in what it really means to be a precious daughter of the King.

As much as I love this season I find myself asking what will we do next Father, where will we go together, what are your plans for me? I believe this season is coming to an end and I don’t believe I’m alone in wondering what’s around the corner or what will I face next.

What I do know is that God has a master plan and just as the natural seasons all serve a purpose for his plan so do our spiritual seasons. I believe in the importance of being present in whatever season we’re in and soaking up as much as we can because it’s preparing us for whats to come.

As I move forward I’ve learned that I don’t need to fear the future or cling to the past because I have learned to trust God’s plan and that he is working all things out for my good. I look forward to this next season, whatever it may be, with hopeful expectation of the days to come.

Mary Summers


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