How does Jesus feel about His scars long after the wounding and torture? Even now He still can see the marks on His body. What does He think about as He looks upon His hands and feet? Did He ever feel ashamed, ugly, damaged? The word says, He sympathizes with our weakness, our frailty; He is acquainted with our grief, and bore our shame. There is no shame or pain or suffering that Jesus hasn’t felt. He bore it all at the cross and when He rose from the dead He was healed from all that He carried for our sakes. He is our scarred Savior waiting for us to remember His scourging and the cross and what He did for us, so we might be touched by His great love and be healed too. He is waiting for us to invite HIM in to see the scars, the pain, the brokenness so He can touch us, heal us, and make us whole again.

I met a woman recently with a scar and a beautiful smile. I felt honored to be let into that place of knowing. Her journey has not been an easy one. This amazing woman has been so very brave, a survivor, beating all the odds to even be living, and such an inspiration. Her story includes a time when Jesus came to her and tenderly touched her scar, her place of wounding, how she is changed, and now how she can see herself differently. Forever! This is a hope-filled story. It can be our story too.

Are there places, scars, wounds, and pain that you still carry that need His tender touch, His healing? There is hope. HE IS NEARER than your very breath - WAITING! Waiting for YOU!

Victoria Sandage

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