Salute to Mother's

The story of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, in Luke 1:28-38, is one of my favorites and fascinated me and continues to teach me valuable lessons about the importance of knowing my true identity (who the Father says I am). I encourage you to read this in as many translations as you can.

Gabriel appeared to her and said, “Rejoice, beloved young woman, for the Lord is with you and you are anointed with great favor.” Luke 1:28 - Passion Translation Gabriel has an unbelievable message to give. He is visiting Mary to give her her life assignment, the holy call to carry the Son of God, Light of the World, to carry Jesus in her womb, give birth, then raise Him up and to release Jesus to bring restoration and offer everlasting, eternal life to everyone.

That is a pretty weighty assignment.

God knows this,

Gabriel knows this.

So the first thing Gabriel does is declare to Mary her true identity. “Mary you are beloved. You are the one that God is with. He walks with you, He knows you Mary. And you, Mary are so highly favored. You are so very special, a beloved daughter who God has delighted in and has chosen.” Gabriel is reminding her of who she is before he breaks the news of “ a wonderful and surprise gift coming to her that includes her assignment. It is no accident that declaring who she is comes first. It is paramount to her calling, the holy assignment that she has been chosen for.

This is true for us as well.

We also carry Jesus, nurture His life in us, and release Him into the world. We are also made in the image of God, that makes us not only carriers of the light but lights in this world, made to shine!

But first dear ones, like Mary, we must know who we are. This empowers us to accomplish all that is before us. We must first know how the Father sees us and how feels about us!

Do we hear God announcing who we are? “You are my beloved, a favored daughter, my delight. You are chosen and the treasure of my heart.”

Back to Mary’s story, Gabriel then tells her of the gift she will carry. She doesn’t get it asking “ how can that be?” Gabriel answered, “The Spirit of Holiness will fall upon you and almighty God will spread his shadow of power over you in a cloud of glory! This is why the child born to you will be holy, and he will be called the Son of God.” Luke 1:35 - Passion Translation

Young Mary humbly respond, “Yes, I accept whatever He has for me”

Dear Sisters, this same spirit of holiness has fallen upon us, God Himself has spread His power over us in a cloud of glory as we have said “yes” to Him. That is amazing! We each have a great calling to nurture, teach, love, and serve those the Lord gives to us. What we have done and what we are doing has tremendous value! So let us recall who we are and remember the gift we carry and what He is calling us to do.

Prophetic Act:

As you light a candle, turn on a light, light a match (0r whatever you use to demonstrate a “ lighting up”), remember what the Father has said about you who you are to Him and say the words out loud. I am a chosen, treasured, and beloved daughter. I am a carrier of The Light. I am a light for those around me, in my sphere of influence. I will be a light and shine in my world. I have the Spirit and power of God overshadowing me. I can walk in His anointing and authority. I will walk in my true identity.

Thank you Father for choosing me to be a light in this dark world.

Victoria Sandage