Sacred Pause

In our spiritual lives, stillness is important – especially in light of all the beeps and buzzes. Because we too often traverse life in a rush, it takes slowing down for a few minutes before our minds clear enough to think and reflect well. It’s not that you need total silence, though that can help, but you do need to remove distractions. Sometimes when I take time to ponder, I will put on quiet instrumental music, turn off my phone, shut down my computer, and intentionally spend a block of time thinking and reflecting. And it’s hard. My mind races with things left undone. I crave distraction. But pausing to ponder is worth it. We need time to press pause on life in order to be still and reflect on the day, God’s Word, and all Jesus is doing in and through my life. And through such times, We usually feel refreshed and we find we often have greater clarity and vision for the future. As we ponder Scripture, we discover insights we previously rushed over. And pausing to ponder causes our delight and love for Jesus to increase.