Run Your Race

Our paths are unique. We each have our own race to run. We are not running a formulaic race. Life hurts. Life can sway us. It can cause us to put away our running shoes and go home when we don't want to follow God’s will or we don’t want to put in the hard work it takes to get out of our comfort zones. 

We must approach life knowing it will get hard, and there will be times we must push ourselves to get to our goal. Our races are different, but we are headed towards the same goal: to live the life God has called us to live. To do the things that only we can do. When times get tough, keep your eye on the prize. When you are nearing a wall or have forgotten why you are running in the first place, the prize offers perspective.

We are bound to run into people who don’t like how we are running our race. Tune out the hecklers. You aren’t running the race to please the bystanders. You’re running your race to please God!

God’s plan is not always our plan. Sometimes those you feel should encourage you are questioning your every move. No one understands YOUR RACE. God in His infinite mercy places unexpected people at random curves in the road to keep us encouraged. 

We need perseverance more than ever. This particular leg of our race requires total concentration. It’s exhausting. It can be lonely. Remember, you may need a Selah. That’s resting! When you’re running a marathon, it’s okay to catch your breath. In fact, if you run when your body needs to stop then you aren’t likely to finish. 

Sometimes we have no idea where we are running to, but that’s okay. Sometimes we just need to keep running. Just because you can’t see the prize at every turn doesn’t mean it’s not there. Run your race, Ladies.  




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