We all encounter resistance. No one is exempt! Resistance often can be due to the Father recalibrating something deep within us or when He is on the verge of expanding our sphere.

Resistance season is hard to comprehend when we have been resolute to be vulnerable to obey His voice. We are knocked off our feet when out of the blue we are accused by lies attacking our very worth or trying to force us to make a detour. These moments rock everything as questions begin to rise to the top like fresh cream. You question if you really hear from God. You wonder if you are moving in His direction. You try to convince yourself your vision is not worth the trouble. You seriously consider giving up and trading in your vision for an easier one!

Vision gets distorted when we meet resistance. In those times when it’s hard to see Him, it is good to open your ears, be still, and listen. Be still and know that He is God. Take time to seek God in the silence and see what He is speaking to your heart.




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