You're His Daughter

For months while the Father was trying to woo me into submission to His will for Sisters of the Crown, my relationship with Him led me on an exploratory journey. What illuminated in my heart over the course of the journey was that religion is about being an orphan and relationship is about being branded as a daughter (or son).

In reflection, I have seen how daughter (or son) status instead of orphan status is an absolute game changer! When we know who we are as His daughters (and sons), and we know our worth and identity is in who we are and not what we do, that is where relationship becomes real and transforms our lives!We all in the deep places in our hearts crave real, raw, organic connection. Introvert and extroverts alike, we were created for the REAL. We were created to be in relationship.

Don’t misinterpret what I am saying! We are all created equally and need to find our own path to relationship with the Father. However, He is less concerned with the things we “do,” and more concerned about who we are. He wants us to be real, raw, and unplugged as we honestly come to Him and tell Him, “I am not okay and this is why.” That’s real relationship!

In order to live out our purpose and passion and fulfill our dreams, we have to take inventory of our lives. Are you experiencing authentic community that is helping you grow? Are you maintaining status quo, not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone because you are settling? Do you have REAL relationship in your life?

Search your heart and ask yourself these tough questions. God never promised us COMFORT but He always, always promises us AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP.




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