One Of A Kind

It’s what I heard, what I recognized as that still small voice of my Father.

Saturday I had a wedding to attend. A few days prior, I had to go out and find something to wear. The top I had found needed an accessory. My sister always said, “Accessories make the outfit.” I found something I thought would work. When I got home, much to my disappointment, the necklace I had purchased was way too short! I quickly ran out, since it was only a “one day sale on jewelry.” So I bought another longer one. The wedding day arrived and just moments before having to leave, I removed the necklace from the packaging and found the chain was broken.  What a disappointment as I now had NO TIME to go out looking for another! I would have to just settle and wear something that was an old standby when I so wanted something New, Tasteful, and a Little Glittery for the occasion. The wedding was beautiful and perfect and the rest of the day I hadn’t given it another thought.

The following day I was checking in at a retreat with my girlfriends and found myself browsing in the very small gift shop. I don’t even think it would be considered an official gift shop with such a tiny space and a few shelves, stocked with a few candles, lotions, and a few odds and ends. My eye caught a flash of blue. I went closer to inspect. As I picked up this beautiful sparkly piece of jewelry, it was as if it had my name on it. It would be PERFECT to go with the new dressy gray-blue top I had just purchased last week. The price was half what I paid for the other (that would soon be returned when I got back to town). I did notice there was only one...”one of its kind.” I felt a nudge that I have come to recognize as God’s whisper ... “One of a kind ... like you.” Wow ... that went straight to my heart.

I felt His Presence and imagined His smile as He gave me this little special gift to begin my week. He knew. He knew my disappointment, short-lived as it was, and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. A few other times that week, I felt God speaking to my heart and I could almost see His Smile as He whispered,” You are one of a kind.”

So my dear Sister's of the Crown ... He wants you too to know that ... He “sees” your heart, He notices everything about you, and you are precious to Him. He wants you to know ... can you see Him smile as He whispers, “ You are one of a kind ... there is no one like you”?

Victoria Sandage