No Expiration Date by Terri Sullivant

The world we currently live in is full of surprises, isn’t it? It seems that change is happening more rapidly than most people are equipped to handle. Whether positive or negative, all change creates disruption in our lives. It’s easy to feel like we’ve lost our balance and perspective. Questions like these often come up : What now? Who am I now? How will I ever rise above this challenge?

Discouragement can rob us of the motivation and energy we need to seize the opportunity for the “upgrade” that all change offers us. All change really can be hopeful if we choose to see it as an opportunity for an upgrade vs a downgrade!

Hope is most simply defined as “a strong and confident expectation of good things to come”. It is like a lifeline that drops down from heaven and invites us to grab it, hold on tight and let it carry us upward. Several years ago there was a movie called “Hope Floats”. In it, at a poignant moment,  a balloon floated across the scene, symbolizing hope and its’ ability to cause us to “float”, to be buoyant when the gravitational pull threatens to bring us down. In contrast, another symbol of hope is an anchor.  It comes from the Bible verse in Hebrews 6:18,19. In this analogy, hope “anchors” us when we feel like we are being “blown away” in a storm, keeps the waves from taking us under.

As I think about it, the idea that each of us has a “calling”, a significant, powerful and indestructible purpose in life that only we can fulfill, is a huge source of hope. It’s like the air that fills the balloon or the weight that the anchor wields. It is entirely possible for us to choose to be unsinkable, refuse to be deflated and to maintain a “strong and confident expectation of good things to come.”  As long as we live, there is hope that we will yet fulfill the calling we were born with. That blueprint has no expiration date!

Blessings friends,

Terri Sullivant


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