My Identity as a Royal Daughter

I think that understanding royalty is a very important part of being a believer. We, the formerly estranged, are now "a chosen people, a royal priesthood." 1 Peter 2:9. God's intentions towards us are to share His glory, His kingdom, His very lineage. Ironically, the royalty among us (fellow believers) are the real, albeit often undercover, "movers and shakers" of the world. We're the ones who have the heart of the King of Kings and are called to "rule and reign" with Him according to Rev. 5:10. The lessons of "ruling and reigning" begin immediately for believers. We reign from a place of sacrificial love, humility, and servanthood, just like our King.

Most of us know this, but in the grit and grime of everyday life, sometimes we forget and need to be reminded. Lies and battles might cause us to get weary. Sometimes, weariness or seasons of prolonged battles create interference that tries to diminish our royal roots and royal callings. That was what made the Sisters of the Crown coronation meaningful to me. It was a poignant reminder that no matter what season I find myself in my identity as a Beloved Royal Daughter doesn't change. It doesn't matter if circumstances around me appear royal or not; inside me there is a royal lineage that is now expressed and one day will be fully expressed.

I am encouraged by the "sisterhood" aspect of Sisters of the Crown. Throughout my life, this bond with other sisters in the faith has been a wonderful gift. We get to remind each other of who we are before Christ, and we get to call each other to walk in the fullness of those identities. At different times and in different seasons, we are daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends in the faith. We would be stunned if we could fully see the glory of God deposited in each of us. For now we get glimpses, and that is also amazing!

I'm very thankful to be a part of Sisters of the Crown!

Adrienne Tietz


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