Love Bears All Things

It feels like the world is in the center of the storm. The headlines are an eerie hum that follow us throughout the day.  We are constantly bombarded by reminders of what the world is facing.  Stores with empty shelves, strangers in masks passing you by, events and entertainment in a holding pattern.  The painful side effects are desperately hard to bear, like children going without food because school is not in session, or parents having to scramble for childcare because they both have to get to work and have no one to care for their children.  Our hearts break for the lonely whose lives have got even smaller due to cancellations and restrictions.  

We are in the middle of the storm. A storm of life. And in the moment this storm feels like a torrential downpour. Jesus has been through storms. But he slept through them. There is no fear where love abounds because perfect love casts out all fear. When we allow storms to dictate our reactions, perfect love has no opportunity to work. But when we are able to sleep through our storms (because of our trust in Him), we give perfect love full access in our lives.

The Father is perfectly aware of our storms and His love is more than enough to sustain you. I leave you today with some lyrics from Praise You in the Storm by Casting Crowns: And I’ll praise you in the storm And I will lift my hands  That You are who You are No matter where I am. He is who He is. No matter where you are. He does what only He can do. He loves like only He can love. His job is provision and ours is praise. May you feel loved in this storm.