Knowledge of Full Identity

What happens when we walk in the knowledge of our full identity? First, our flesh submits as we seek to glorify God with our whole being. Next, we are not afraid of the future and what it holds for our lives. Then the comparison game ends because the only opinion that holds any weight is that of the One in whom our identity is hidden. Finally, we face resistance because there is a war inside our being. But we have all the armor necessary to win the war when we walk with the knowledge of our true identity.

Sometimes in God’s grace, He allows the very thing we fear losing the most to be taken away to reveal that we have sought our identity in something other than Him. As He grows us in understanding that our true identity is in Him, we are then freed to enjoy and glorify Him in the unique ways He has created us. Suffering gradually changes our earthly perspective into an eternal one.

Ask yourself:

Are you looking for your identity outside of the Father?

Do you find yourself holding tightly onto something in fear that you’ll be lost without it?




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