Kairos Moments Await

Webster defines the word kairos as the right or opportune moment, the supreme moment, a window of opportunity or the appointed time. “Kairos timing is a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.” Simplification – kairos is when time and destiny intersect. These are history-making moments in our lives that are part of our divine destiny.

Where you are in this moment has provision and mission attached to it. You carry something that the moment you are in requires. Setting your sights on what is happening now in order to discern what is in your present will prepare you for what is next.

In other words, a divinely orchestrated moment never shows up empty-handed! When the right time is recognized and seized, all of the divine purpose and provision connected to that moment is unleashed.

God is the One giving the directives that cue your defining moments. Those moments are pregnant with potential and possibility. Jesus entire ministry was based on hearing, waiting and acting on the directives from God. Jesus did nothing without knowing the moment He was in or headed for and what it required. He was not moved by need, by pressure or a desire to guard His reputation. He was not even moved by chronological time!

Oh the freedom by not being moved by chronological time!

I declare over you that you are walking into the kairos moments of your life. You are not bound by the constraints of chronological time.