It Is What It Is

How often have we heard this familiar declaration as someone is “accepting” the present circumstances in their lives? There is something that always tweaks me whenever I hear someone say this, not unlike some who cringe at the sound of fingernails against a chalkboard. Mostly, what I hear is not always an acceptance of "the things I cannot change” but a resignation of how things are. Resignation can creep into our hearts so subtly that we don’t even recognize it for what happens. Resignation often masks itself as “acceptance”. There is a fine line between the two. Resignation by definition it is “giving up, abdicating, a position of surrendering". Resignation is really a joy and a hope stealer.

Recently a dear friend lovingly called me to the carpet on my admission of finally accepting my limitations. After months and months of struggling with disappointments and delays, I felt like I was finally accepting what I could no longer do or be mostly physically but really in other areas as well. Truth be told I stopped believing things would change in certain areas. Resignation had taken up residence somewhere in my heart in these areas and I hadn’t a clue.

My friend reminded me that things can change and would change. She reminded me of who God is and who I am in Him and that I am not limited, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, unless I put myself in that box. Do I believe God is limitless? Yes. Do I believe I am made in the image of my Father? Yes. So who does that make me? I am my Father’s Daughter. For now, how do I navigate what that looks like within my present limitations or circumstances. First, I make sure I’m not agreeing with the dark spirit called resignation, that I am not abdicating my authority in any way over my body, mind, emotions, or spirit, or not losing hope in the “not now and not yet”.

Second, I need to remind myself that even though I am not seeing healing or the situation hasn’t changed, the truth is my God is behind the scenes working on my behalf making the end of my story so very good. I am His Daughter and everything that matters to me, matters to Him. “But friends, that’s exactly who we are: children of God. And that’s only the beginning. Who knows how we’ll end up!” 1 John 3:2 Who knows how it will all end up? Who knows how or when the situation will change? We have a promise something we can take to the bank. “Behold I make all things new” Revelations 21:5 This is truth. When I hear that old familiar “it is what it is” I need to add, “but it is not what it can be and shall be!” That is what hope looks like. My eyes need to see beyond my present circumstances. I know my heart is longing to be filled with hope in my God who is the God of impossibilities! My God is the same One who changed water into wine! Jesus’ mother knew. The day at the wedding she could have succumbed to what she saw with her eyes, when the last drop of wine was poured and the party was still going on strong. She may have thought “no more wine for the guests, this is disastrous. . . it is what it is.”

But no way! Mary knew her Son and was confident He could do something about the situation.  She didn’t know how He would change the situation, or when, but she knew He could. It was that kind of trust and confidence which kept her from the sinister claws of resignation, where Light dispelled darkness (maybe that was really the first miracle at the wedding at Cana). Could that miracle have paved the way for the impossible to take place that day? Mary saw the situation for what it was but she believed it could be different. She dared to believe there could be a different ending to this story. . . and there was! I am challenged to place my confidence in Jesus in the way Mary did. Daring to believe something can be and shall be done. The kind of believing that crushes the head of resignation before it can get anywhere near my spirit. The kind that believes somewhere deep down the end of the story will look so very different than the chapter I find myself in and that water can still be changed into wine!

Will He heal me anytime soon? Will my circumstances change? Will I ever be free from all the things I keep tripping over? Things that hinder me from being the best version of myself? Yes, Yes, and a resounding YES!

But until the day comes, I want to rest in what I know to be true. Trust in The Promiser, rest in the waiting and believing, eyes wide open, watching for the miracles that go unrecognized in my heart every day until “all things are made new”. I want to remember that when I hear or feel that voice inside saying, “it is what it is”, to boldly declare “BUT IT IS NOT WHAT IT CAN BE AND SHALL BE!” Daring to Believe, Queen Victoria


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