It Is Well

I knew before I wrote my blog this month what the title was going to be - It Is Well With My Soul! Something I long for and I’m sure I’m not alone. There are days when I feel all is well and then there are days when memories flood my mind.

Last week a childhood friend posted a picture on social media of the cheerleading team I think from eighth grade, The team that I didn’t make but all of my friends did. As a young girl it was something I wanted more than anything and I was repeatedly rejected. I sent this picture to my daughter in a joking manner and said “one of the teams I didn’t make” her reply was “hopefully one of these days these wounds will heal mom”. Although I was joking, I couldn’t shake her response. I received a prophetic word several months back that God thinks I am the best cheerleader and how maybe the events of my youth have given me the identity of feeling “not good enough”.

I hear Him loud and clear now. God wants me to be completely healed deep down in my soul!

I do know that with all of my heart I want more than anything to serve God and to do all that he has called me to do. I also know that in order to do that I need to accept who He says I am. He says I am good enough and I am “the best cheerleader”.

This month as we focus on soul healing, I urge you to reach deep down into your soul and take inventory. God wants you to be healed from ALL your wounds, even the ones that may seem trivial and insignificant to you. They mean everything to Him!

Be blessed.

Mary Summers


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