Inside Your Broken Dream by Monica Rodriguez

Have you ever felt like you were living inside of your broken dream?

For me, it was a divorce, single motherhood, and all the things that come with it. For you, it could be a diagnosis, a broken or rocky relationship, a layoff, a delay of something you are praying for, loss of family or friends, or anything in between.

We have no guarantee of a perfect life free from heartache. Even after we come to know and serve Jesus we still have struggles. Last year was not a bad year for me, but as I looked back at my journal entries and examined my heart I noticed I stopped dreaming.

The year started with proclamations and visions. Excitement and dreams. Somewhere along the way I lost it. It could have been through the huge struggles (y'all parenting is hard) or even just the mundane of life (will I ever get caught up on the laundry?) but somewhere I just stopped dreaming.

I threw in the towel. I decided that 'this is as good as it gets'. It felt easier not to dream. I was still living my life, spending time with friends, serving in my local church, figuring out parenting, active on social media; but, in the middle I let my real dreams go.

How do you keep dreaming when it feels like they never come true? How do you hold on to those dreams in your heart ?

This morning I was reminded of Psalm 126:1-2 (TPT):

It was like a dream come true when you freed us from our bondage and brought us back to Zion! We laughed and laughed and overflowed with gladness. We were left shouting for joy and singing your praise. All the nations saw it and joined in, saying, “The Lord has done great miracles for them!”

The entire Psalm is only 6 verses and goodness- it's a good one.

They were celebrating! They were coming out of captivity! They were filled with joy because they were restored and the author of this Psalm directs that to dreaming! I want to be like those who dream. I want to be filled with hope and have joy spilling from my mouth. I want people to see my life and think, "Wow look what great things God has done!"

I believe dreaming leads to rejoicing. Does that mean there will never be problems? Of course not! But I think that dreaming keeps our heart postured to God. It brings hope and joy.

So, I am committed to dream again - from small simple dreams (laundry will get finished) to big scary dreams (my sons will serve the Lord all the days of their lives).

I am dreaming.

Sweet dreams & love




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