How Are You Living? by Monica Rodriguez

“You have a calling and a purpose, are you living like it?”

I literally felt the Holy Spirit say this to me this morning. It wasn’t in condemnation, guilt, shame or disappointment but instead gentle encouragement.

As a single mom I often feel like my purpose is null and void. I am surviving. I am struggling. I am in transition. I don’t have it all together. I choose to walk around with my head down because I think I am not good enough. I feel like my marital status defines me and since I am single, I am automatically not able to do all that God created me do. I can only thrive if I have a husband who will support me, help me, kill spiders, and put together Ikea furniture (or whatever it is that husbands do). I allow my relationships to define me and my future. I listen to the lack in my life louder than the blessings. I add all these things up and tell myself that I can not do anything of value, purpose, significance, or worth.

Lovelies, this is a lie . . . straight up liar liar pants on fire.

Look at all the single people in the bible! Okay, I will not name them all but let’s talk about – uh, Jesus! Single! And thriving. Doing what His Father created Him to do. Listening and obeying. Healing people, speaking life into lives, raising the dead, and enabling His followers to do the same. Was it always pretty? No! (Remember the story when He spit in the dirt to heal the blind man’s eyes? (John 9:6). He was walking in His calling. He is our example and He lives in us.

I will not sit here and tell you that being single is always this glorious! It would be an even bigger liar liar pants on fire moment if I said I didn’t want to remarry someday. However, I am learning something valuable in this singleness season (because I am believing it is a season and seasons change) that I have a purpose – even here!

My purpose may be to love my children when they are feeling sad or frustrated. To be kind to a pesky co-worker. To create beautiful things and share them with others. To extend grace and hold boundaries while co-parenting. To share encouraging messages through social media and other platforms.

You have a purpose and a calling, sweet one! You may not know what it is yet, but even in this season, He has created you for a purpose. There might be one person who needs your voice, encouragement, story, influence, smile, or friendship. You might be in a season you don’t like (if I told you what I am going through it would take the rest of this blog). I am not in a happy-go-lucky season. I am in the trenches. I am in the storm. I am in the confusion, the dark, the wilderness.

I truly believe that is why the Lord reminded me this morning that I have a calling and a purpose and asked me if I was living like it. Honestly, if you knew in this season - not when you are married, get a better job, have more kids (or a first child), drive a nice car, have all your ducks in a row, when you have that Instagram perfect life – but knew in this season you have a purpose don’t you think you would live differently? Walk with a little more confidence. Smile a little bigger. Talk a certain way. I know I do!

When I believe there is goodness in this season, I am going to treasure it more. I am going to walk in God-given confidence, because I am His. I am going to anticipate greatness and not dread. I am going to look for opportunities to be a blessing. Sure, my house may be a wreck, the laundry backed up, my kids screaming, but I am going to take a moment to speak life into my friend dealing with depression. I am going to comfort my son when he is having a hard day. I will see how God has enabled me to walk in fullness. This is my season. No matter what season I am in!

I believe this season will change for you, lovely. I truly believe and pray that even in this moment you feel it. See your purpose and calling in the now. It is yours!





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