How Are You Doing, Really?

On January 1, 2020, I had a moment with the Lord where He told me He wanted to give me the present of being present in His Presence. I have a tendency to live with my hair on fire and a to-do list a mile long every day.  For many years, I have had the practice of starting my day with a prayer walk. It is the most cherished time of my day. This very special hour is my alone time to have conversation with the Father.  

Over the last couple of weeks during the pandemic, as the world has moved to a slower pace, I've begun to have a greater appreciation for the present the Father said He was giving me this year. Each morning as I lace up my shoes for my daily time with Him, I have a deeper awareness of the Holy Spirit. I've started the practice of saying aloud, "Holy Spirit, come rest upon me." This little step of openly inviting the Lord's Presence is now an important part of my daily routine. Staying in the Presence is critical, especially in times like these.

So, dear friend, how are you doing today? Are you feeling the Presence in your life? I encourage you to discover your path to remaining in the Presence. Be at peace. We are praying for you!




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