Hope Restored

Some of the most precious words Jesus spoke while He was on the earth were, “Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you.” Those words were just for you! Jesus knew we needed to be refreshed because our souls become weary from life. He wanted us to experience the subterranean presence of grace; that grace that is just beneath the surface that grabs our soul so that the complexity of our situation becomes somewhat less complicated. I am not saying it is easy; because sisters it is not! Sometimes it takes everything you have inside you leaving you with nothing. I am saying He refreshes the “heavy.”

Your life may have been filled with a myriad of emotions. The loss of a loved one is one of the most traumatic emotional experiences we encounter. This type of emotion takes a long time to heal and we really never fully recover. We may be joyful in knowing our loved one is experiencing life with the Father, but we still miss their presence on earth. On the other hand, we may know their eternity and have deep sorrow that we will never be reunited again. That takes your breath away.

Grieving can also occur with unfulfilled dreams. You may have experienced the “death” of a dream. Something you have contended for has not come to pass and you have lost hope. Or maybe you have turned your back on God because the fight to do it His way just does not seem worth it—and you feel an overwhelming amount of shame and abandonment.

Maybe you lost your job or are in a season of unemployment and the loss of security has been overwhelming. The loss of your family unit, children turned away from God, or children experiencing trauma or disease, may have taken hold of your emotions. Dealing with the loss of self while care giving for a parent, spouse, child, or family member can feel like a prison.

Loss of the life you planned for yourself – marriage, children, security –can be a deep wound that makes living every day a chore and the sense of loneliness so deep. Or maybe you are stuck and just feel so hopeless with no motivation to change.

Whatever you may have experienced hope is on the way. Open up to the Father with an honest dialogue of where you are right now. Invite Him to take all of your negative emotions and replace them with restoration and healing. Healing does not happen overnight, but instead is achieved by several small moments and encounters of being

touched by the only One with can truly help.

Find encouragement and fight for your hope. It is the hope we have in Christ that is the only true comfort. Cling to the hope that only comes in Him. It is worth getting your hope back.