This Resurrection season has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  The fall of 2019, I experienced an intense health battle that led me on a journey of deeper intimacy with the Power of the Cross. I had been experiencing symptoms for a period of time and made an appointment to see my doctor. Little did I know I was headed for a bumpy road with many land mines I was going to have to overcome.

On a late fall afternoon after receiving very concerning news from my doctor, I immediately called my husband from the car to relay the information.  Before I spoke my last word he said, "Tonight, when I get home from work we are going to start taking communion."  So we did.  We began taking daily communion, standing on the promises of the Cross. My personal journey brought a whole new awareness of what Jesus did for me, for us all, when He took all of our iniquities, sin, and disease upon His body.  Not just some, but all!  Healing is ours anytime we want it.  Jesus died to set us all free from everything.  Everything!

In January of this year, I received a clean bill of health.  Every disease that was trying to attack my body was erased by the Power of the Blood.  It is so hard to wrap your head around that kind of Power, backed by that kind of Love.  

I pray that as we enter into this Holy Week you will experience the life changing Power in the Blood that can set you free, completely free, from disease, and usher you into a life that He paid the ultimate price for you to live.  




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