Hard Things

I am no stranger to hard things. Most of the hard in my life has been out of my control. When given the opportunity to choose hard things, I would rather not. Recently, I was asked to do something. When I read the request, it made me cry, I mean ugly cry. I didn’t want to do it and yet I knew that I couldn’t say no. The very thing I was asked to do was hard for me. It’s an area that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. The easy thing to do would have been to politely decline. Easy doesn’t give room for growth though. Oftentimes, easy cheats us out of an opportunity to experience something amazing. I recalled when a dear friend asked me to stay with her elderly parents for a week with whom I had never met before. I whispered to the Lord to not allow me to say no. I ended up saying yes and it was truly a special time for me, one I will never forget. I knew that if I said no, I would miss out on something special. Plus, my friends wouldn’t allow me to on the basis of it being hard, for which I’m grateful. If you are like me and prefer to say no to hard things, I challenge you to say yes. Perhaps you will be uncomfortable, stretched beyond what you think you can handle or do. What if on the other side of the hard you find a gift? Maybe it’s a new friend, a much needed business connection. Or maybe it’s an opportunity to have deeper intimacy with the Lord. You will never know until you say yes.

For me, I’m not sure yet what is on the other side of my hard. I am embracing it with the expectation of good on the other side. Sissy Reese