"Growing isn't always comfortable, but the end results are usually rewarding," When David penned the book of Psalms, he discussed a variety of circumstances ranging from thriving to surviving. David experienced impossible situations, fear, heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal, anger, and grief. In each situation the wrestling drove David back to the source of his strength: God. As David accessed that strength, despite the surroundings or circumstances, thriving was the end result.

The enemy will do whatever he can to keep you from thriving. When faced with difficult moments, the enemy will encourage you to wish you were in someone else's position, resist the lessons God is trying to teach you, rush the process, or skip important steps in the process. Falling for the enemies’ ploys will prevent you from thriving and will ultimately take you off course. Keeping focused regardless of the season or circumstances is key. God is intent on establishing a good root system in your life to help prepare you for what is ahead.

When we don't feel passionate about where we are, it's harder than we thought, it's boring or slow, or we think we should be somewhere else. But that's not how God works. Keep your eyes dead ahead on God and avoid distractions so you don't miss what God is trying to teach you in the moment. "Make no mistake: God is trying to grow you exactly where you are. Learn those lessons so you can reverse the surviving to thriving.



You’ve transplanted them into your heavenly courtyard, where they are thriving before you. Psalm 92:13