Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

God is good. Always. Even when you don’t understand Him. His very nature is good.

Living as His daughter is anything but comfortable. My messy life requires radical love, radical grace, and radical mercy. It is easy to exhibit these when life is good. When life is contained. When the waters are still. But it's an entirely different story when I am feeling challenged, stretched, or rejected.

Jesus. The perfect example of a life lived in a constant state of rejection, stretching, and being challenged. But Jesus knew His mission on earth and was resolute in His calling. His life had nothing to do with making life safe, comfortable, and secure for those around Him. It was the exact opposite. Because Jesus knew that testing by fire was needed to promote real permanent change in our lives. Jesus knew the secret to maneuvering through the uncomfortable.

We have that secret living inside of us. The secret is learning to live in uncomfortable silence until you feel peace. Learning to keep your words to a minimum and be slow to speak and quick to listen. Learning to love beyond what you are able in the natural until you see someone for who they really are and not your version of their true identity.  Learning that even on our worst days, those uncomfortable days, God is always in the room. He is there in every uncomfortable moment waiting to have a conversation with you.

What would we discover this week if we spent one day in uncomfortable silence with Him and took a break from all media, social and otherwise?

Just wondering.