Fully Alive Encounter Terri Sullivant

In the fall of 2017, I had the honor to be on Terri Sullivant’s book launch team for her book The Divine Invitation: Entering the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive. Terri is a passionate woman, fierce and determined, a survivor who rose above intense odds to become the wonderfully victorious sage she is today.

There are so many things I love about Terri including her deeply intimate relationship with God, but the thing that speaks deep in my soul is the fact she is a fierce crusader for women. As a life coach, devoted wife of an adoring husband, and mother of five tremendously successful children (and super fun grandmother to a tribe of darlings), Terri is a living, breathing example of what it means to live FULLY ALIVE.

Being on Terri’s book launch team was not all parades and marching bands for me. Several weeks before Terri’s launch party, my mother, who had been suffering from a long-term illness, took a turn towards heaven. About a week before my mother went home to be with Jesus, Terri graciously took time out of her busy schedule to bring me a signed copy of her book “hot off the press.'

As I sat with my mother in her final days, I read Terri’s book. God visited me in a tangible way. As I looked over at my dear sweet mum, who my entire life was my best friend, mentor, and spiritual leader, I realized that all of the gifts Terri had imparted into her during her encounter were gifts my mother had demonstrated to me over my lifetime. She was my lifelong mentor of what it means to live Fully Alive. I will be forever grateful to Terri for giving me a copy of her book while my mother was still on this earth.

I’ve made it my goal to honor my King and my mom by living fully alive every day. Living fully alive means living fully aware. Aware of what He is doing, aware of where He is guiding, aware of His nudging and His redirection. And aware that He is present in every moment and every situation, no matter what. Aware that I have a purpose to fulfill and as He leads and guides their is a great dance we experience together. Terri calls it the "grace-gift exchange". The dance where you become everything you have been created to be because He gives you the grace to let go of what you do not need to make room for His best for you.

I invite you to join the Sisters of the Crown and experience the Fully Alive journey we call the Royal Dance. It is our sincere desire that all of you will discover whatit means to live FULLY ALIVE and dance the Royal Dance of Freedom.


Ingrid Maddock and Terri Sullivant




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