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We're strong women who know how to do hard things.  That's the way God made us.  Fierce. Determined. Loving.  A perfect blend of our Father.  I am blessed to have amazing women in my inner circle. Our authentic relationships provide the freedom to share the good, the bad, and the downright messy.  These women are the gems in my life. As a sisterhood we want all women to experience these kinds of relationships.  Relationships that allow you to talk about the hard things. Recently, we had an open discussion about losses in the womb. We're going to continue talking about hard thing and fight to move the shame and guilt out of the darkness and into the light where Our Jesus can usher us into a deep level of healing to get us prepared for all He has for us.  In opening up these conversations we want you to know you are not alone.  That makes it easier to let go of the pain and see yourself free. When the Lord sets us free, we are free indeed. We all know that. But it's also important for you to set yourself free. You have punished yourself long enough.  Have a cupcake and move on! I pray that you will feel an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life this week as you let go of the things that are holding you back. Warmly, Ingrid 

The trauma of abortion is devastating to women and their husband or partners. Shame and guilt often cloud their identity, leaving them abandoned and feeling helpless and alone. Many women feel that God no longer loves them because of the choice they made to abort their child. Healing is so much more difficult when you have no external evidence that your baby ever existed – no photos, no memorabilia, no memorial service to mark your loss.  On top of that, many don’t believe these women have a right to grieve. Join us as our special guest, Teresa Hoeppner, shares her message of hope.  About Teresa Hoeppner: Teresa joined the Respect Life Office as Program Coordinator for Project Rachel in March 2013.  She feels very blessed to share Christ’s mercy with others through the ministry. Teresa earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Missouri in Columbia, and she taught middle school in a Christian school for several years.  She and her husband of 24 years, Larry, have three children and six grandchildren.  The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22) Listen >> Watch >>

Abortion. When I see how this issue is handled in the Christian culture, I get angry! People are so quick to pass judgment and brand women with a scarlet letter. Yet this is so counter culture to message of the Cross. In preparing for this month, I kept seeing in my mind the image of Jesus getting angry in the temple and turning over the moneychangers’ tables. If Jesus were here in person today, I imagine He would be equally upset at the way the church treats women who have had an abortion.  Read More >>

Join Us This August. Your Sacred Pause Awaits!

Dear Father, I desire to break free from the cycle of shame and the strongholds that are keeping me trapped. I invite You to begin transforming my thought patterns and help me recognize, reject, and replace thoughts that have no place in my life. I am naming my shame and laying it at your feet. I break off the hold of shame and the pull of strongholds in my life. I boldly declare, Jesus, that you took my shame upon Yourself when You died on the Cross. I want to worship You with my whole heart. I want to give myself completely to You, holding nothing back. In the Name of Jesus, I have closed the door to the powers of darkness, to fear, rejection, chaos, control, confusion, and strife. Reveal to me, Lord Jesus, any lie that is encoded in my cellular memories and has formed wrong beliefs, negative feelings, and destructive patterns. Thank You, Jesus, that Your Blood removes all of my guilt and shame, and  the enemy’s accusations have now been silenced. I renounce and put off the deceptive veil and cloak of shame. I declare today that I am free from the cycle of shame and the enemy’s lies. I command shame and everything that has partnered with shame to leave. Holy Spirit, help me to reject any thought that is different from what You think of me. Give me a love for the Bible and empower me to live my life pleasing to You. Thank You, Father, that I don’t have to earn Your love and acceptance. Fill me to overflowing with Your love and joy. I declare this in Jesus' Name. Your shame is gone!

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