Following His Lead

I have a precocious Old English Sheepdog named Paisley, who regularly accompanies me on my early morning walks. Last week when we were walking, I noticed she was dragging from behind.  She considers herself to be the “pack leader” in our family and when we walk she always has to be in the lead. It is kind of a family joke.  I observed her walking to see if she was injured or if something was off and I did not detect anything in the natural. I asked the Lord if I needed to turn around and take her home and He nudged me to move over to the other side of the road.  

Paisley is a great creature of habit. She likes her routine, enjoys life when things are done her way, and really detests change (don’t we all!). Inadvertently, I was walking in the opposite direction we normally walk. When we crossed to the other side of the street, her whole disposition changed immediately. She moved out in front and took her usual spot as the pack leader. After I stopped laughing I wondered how comfortable am I when the Lord directs me to walk on “the other side of the street,” in the direction that feels unnatural to me?  Am I dragging behind while He is trying to lead me ahead?

We all hate to get outside of our comfort zones and truly dislike it when we are not in control of our environment. God is trying to lead us His way and we often resist to stay comfortable. I ask you today, what nudging on the inside of you are you resisting in order to keep your life comfortable?

Lord, please reveal those things in all of us that are keeping us from the best of You.