Finding Your Dream

As we define who we are in this world and allow it to affect our choices, we become the complete, healthy version of who we were created to be. Someone else’s definition of you does not define who you are!

Our lives are defined by a series of decisions. Our destiny is shaped by a series of defining moments. Defining moments are appointed times in which the essential nature or character of a person is revealed, and which often influence the direction of one’s future.

When these moments come, you must make a conscious decision: Are you going to define the moment or is the moment going to define you? Your decision will determine whether you move on to what God planned for you, whether you are schooled in the middle of your decision and walk away smarter and wiser, or whether you get off track and forfeit what God has for you. We have free will! It is in these moments we are defined.

Doubt is the ugly stepchild of defining moments. Doubting His plan for us can make defining our moments challenging. Doubt paralyzes our decision-making. Lack of confidence, unbalanced emotions, lack of intimacy with the Father, and lack of gratitude are some of the factors that doubt carry with it. Conquering doubt is essential to defining your moments.

While doubt maybe the ugly stepchild, unbelief is the terminator. Unbelief is in-your-face rejection! If you don’t believe what God says about you and that He has good things ahead for you, that mindset will terminate any forward motion.

So, take a moment to reflect on your life. Search your heart and see if you are carrying any doubt or unbelief in your heart. Ask yourself, “Am I stuck?” “Am I playing it safe, risking nothing and letting the God-appointed opportunities pass me by?”

Take a moment as we kick off this new year and determine in your heart that you will focus defining YOUR moments. Don’t allow the enemy to keep you stuck. You tell him where to go, put him in his place, and get ready! Great things are waiting just for YOU!




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