Finding God in the Middle

I was born a Muslim with no hope for the future, because girls are seen merely as marriage material. I grew up in a village in Uganda, raised by my grandmother after my mum moved to Kampala, Uganda, for employment so she would be able to send me to school.

Later in my young years, I discovered where my dad lived only to find out he was already married. Eventually I moved to be with my mum so I could attend secondary school but life became hard. She later decided to go back to the village because she became ill, This left me at the age of sixteen to look after my brother. I decided to look for work to be able to provide for my brother and pay for the little house where we lived. About three years later, I attended a higher education institution because I wanted to be successful in life. While at school, I met a man who promised to love me. I became pregnant and he denied the child and told me to have an abortion. I refused and gave birth to my baby girl, Sherinah. As a single mum, life was extremely hard as I did everything I could to put food on the table.

One incredible day, watching a crusade, I gave my life to Jesus. When my family heard about my salvation, they disowned me; my father actually said he would kill me if he ever set his eyes on me.

I was so happy with my new faith in Jesus that no threat of any sort would make me change my mind. My pastor and his wife took my daughter and me in to live with them. The love of Jesus consumed me and I became a full-time servant at church where I served as a worshipper, prayer leader, and youth mama.

I started praying for a godly spouse for a full year. Later while doing missions, I met my future husband Mike and we were married in the spring of 2018. God answered my prayer with a new family and a happy, fulfilled life. We have seen the Lord blessing us and taking us from one level to the next, both in ministry and our lives, as we serve.

In my role as a pastor’s wife, I have encountered many women going through worse situations than I ever endured and who were in desperate need of encouragement. The Holy Spirit birthed Vessels of Honor Ministries for me to use as a platform to reach the women in my area. My ministry serves women in the community who are single mothers, widows, and those who are abused (in Africa, women are beaten by husbands).

Where we live, many women stay home with no real purpose. I felt I could help empower the women by teaching small project skills. This would enable them to look after their children, as most of these women are single mothers or women working in factories who can be laid off anytime. We were able to acquire a sewing machine to help with the projects and have incorporated monthly prayer and empowerment days. Praise God.

When the pandemic began, we prayed and believed God would intervene. We did not know it would get to the point of a lockdown. Our ministry had a program where I travel with a team to visit women at home to check in to see how they are doing. I found heart troubling situations due to the lockdown. Maintaining an income and just getting food were a big challenge! Children were crying and surviving on porridge. It torched my heart. But Jesus has come and provided for those in need. Praise be to King Jesus. To God be the Glory.

Until recently, I never had women who truly appreciate what I do. Sisters of the Crown, you have done that for me. From the time I was crowned, I've had a reason to strive for the best because I have sisters--women of knowledge, lovers of God--who are holding my hand. You have blessed my life.

God bless you,

Nalule Sherinah Shamirah


I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Psalm 27:13 (TPT)


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