Feeling Isolated?

You may be facing feelings of intense loneliness or isolation in this season. If you are, take heart—you don’t have to go it alone. So, what can you do to combat the feeling of having no one to really talk to? Below are a few suggestions:

Spend more time in personal connection with God. Read, worship, write, pray, or just sit in His Presence. Connect with your family. Reach out to those with whom you may have lost touch. If something happened in your relationship, take time to reconcile and forgive. You may be the answer to the deep loneliness in their lives.

Reach out to your spiritual family. One of the best ways for us to find inner peace and closeness in relationships is to reach out and serve others who are in need. Call your most important friend--that person who always knows the right word to say, who gives you hope when you feel hopeless, who after you get off the phone with them you feel so empowered because you have been heard and understood.

Keep mindful of your time on social media. Heavy use of social media can be a façade that masks loneliness without truly alleviating it. Social media friends are not the same as flesh and blood friends.  If no one is calling you, take the first step. If you are waiting for someone to reach out to you, it may be time to swallow your pride and reach out to them instead.  

I pray that you will find deep wells of connection with God, your family, and those in your inner circle. I pray also that the loneliness will lift and for contentment and joy to flood your soul. 




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